Hey! Its xoxluvable and the pink blogs are mine! So I have another contest! If you have had or are having what you think is THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, tell me about it! Even if you are staying home and having a family dinner you can still win! All you have to do is make your christmas sound fun and not boring! The contest ends Dec. 31 so hurry up! Good Luck! xoxoluvable p.s. I like warm sounding christmases. I hate the cold so make your christmas sound warm!!!

Juno Time! 12/05/2008

Hey guys I'm back! I can't belive how many comments we got on that contest. Don't worry. We'll do more, I might even make a page for them. Tell me what you think! I'm putting some work into the Arcade. Like the change of backgrounds? Cool huh. Yeah. I would like to know where you guys are going for the holidays! Staying home or going to the Bahamas? Tell us what's up! I also will be uploading some warped pics from my new ipod touch, so those will be in there soon as I can get 'um up. keep checking back. Oh and one other thing, to find updates on the scrapbook, you'll need to look at the bottom of the page. Anyway, chow.