First Post! 10/24/2008

Hey yo it's Juno's blog called The Blog. Because ya know, the blog is a good name for my blog right? I mean come on! Anyway, I just made the site so it has some bugs, but tell me what you think! Another thing, the debates:I want your pinion and your ideas for new debates. Now we don't want anything too not funny lol like the presedential or anything, but some of the stupid stuff crammed in the back (or in the front) of your mind. So come on, and comment! Click the comment button and comment! Tell me what you would like to see in coming soon! One more thing: Youtubge! WOOT! I want your request. I want to make it clear I will always watch the video beforehand. Sooo that explains it. Well, I hope you like the site, Later!





Mon, 27 Oct 2008 16:26:41

how about (for a debate) strawberries vs. yarn


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