Make Over! 01/06/2009

Yeah that's write. the site got a huge makeover. i think it looks cleaned up. Don't you? Tell me what you think! Be on the look out for our new webshow! The episodes will be listed as a Youtube video in it's page. We have yet to decide the name. Help us out? Send us your funny ideas and names for our webshow. We'll just be having fun, doing what we do. Lol so nothing cheesey with names. Anyway, tell me what you like about the site and of course our webshow stuff. We will be changing sets to decide which one is best and we deicided you should choose. Look for our first webcast and then decide! Later.




Sat, 10 Jan 2009 09:03:05

Lol i cant wait to see ur guys webshow. its gonna be hilarious i bet. u guys should name it wildgirlz or somethin.


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