Make Over! 01/06/2009

Yeah that's write. the site got a huge makeover. i think it looks cleaned up. Don't you? Tell me what you think! Be on the look out for our new webshow! The episodes will be listed as a Youtube video in it's page. We have yet to decide the name. Help us out? Send us your funny ideas and names for our webshow. We'll just be having fun, doing what we do. Lol so nothing cheesey with names. Anyway, tell me what you like about the site and of course our webshow stuff. We will be changing sets to decide which one is best and we deicided you should choose. Look for our first webcast and then decide! Later.


Hey! Its xoxluvable and the pink blogs are mine! So I have another contest! If you have had or are having what you think is THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, tell me about it! Even if you are staying home and having a family dinner you can still win! All you have to do is make your christmas sound fun and not boring! The contest ends Dec. 31 so hurry up! Good Luck! xoxoluvable p.s. I like warm sounding christmases. I hate the cold so make your christmas sound warm!!!

Juno Time! 12/05/2008

Hey guys I'm back! I can't belive how many comments we got on that contest. Don't worry. We'll do more, I might even make a page for them. Tell me what you think! I'm putting some work into the Arcade. Like the change of backgrounds? Cool huh. Yeah. I would like to know where you guys are going for the holidays! Staying home or going to the Bahamas? Tell us what's up! I also will be uploading some warped pics from my new ipod touch, so those will be in there soon as I can get 'um up. keep checking back. Oh and one other thing, to find updates on the scrapbook, you'll need to look at the bottom of the page. Anyway, chow.



Hey you guys! If you have read about the Thanksgiving contest that oxoxluvable posted this is where you should comment about your weird or delicious food! If you have a very confused look on your face and are saying to yourself "what Thanksgiving contest?", here's what it is: If you celebrate Thanksgiving and eat weird food for Thanksgiving Dinner than you should comment and tell about the food (what it looks like, what it tastes like, and possibly, what its made out of). However, if you don't eat weird food for Thanksgiving you can still enter. All you have to do is tell me what your table at Thanksgiving looks like and if it sounds tasty you can still win. All comments have to be entered in by December 11, 2008 because on December 12th oxoxluvable will write a blog about the best food she read about. The first place winner will get a special shout-out on oxoxluvables page, a shout-out home page, and a note to them on the notes page. Second and third place winners will be in the best food blog on oxoxluvables page and get a shout-out on the blog page! All shout-outs will be up for one month. Good Luck!

Juno Time 11/26/2008

Uhg... I can't think of anything to write... Uhg I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. Oh well......................... Updates are coming soon as possible. Oh and another thing, the arcade has a bug, well at least on my computer it does, but Juno and group will get to fixing it lol. If it is fine on your computer, enjoy the games! Sorry kind of a random blog.... I'm kinda in a bad mood because I got my braces fixed and now my Dad's making me wear rubber bands that basicly shut my mouth which hurts cause of the fixes on my teeth from yesterday, so basicly, my mouth hurts. Anyway, enough about my personal problems. Oh! I had a new idea. I figured you guys should be able to post notes on the A Note page! Leave your note under comments and I'll post it. Remember, say who it's to, who it's from, ect. Anyway check the note page for a note to you! Laters. Juno

Juno Time! 11/14/2008

Hey guys it's Juno! Anyway, lots of you have been commenting here at Now we need more! Tell your friends! Sorry about the big gap in the dates, but I have been really busy. I've been trying to get new games up so be patient! And now for something new in The Blog: My friends will have spot in my blog! It will be labeled according to their screen name. Yay! Anyway later!      Juno

Juno Time! 10/30/2008

Hey guys it's Juno Time! I've been bored, so I got to work on those updates people have been asking for. Got the arcade up and running, new note, debate. You know, the usual. Anyway, I went on a feild trip with school, but it was boring. Not much has happened. Anyway, have a great Halloween, and I'll talk to you soon!


First Post! 10/24/2008

Hey yo it's Juno's blog called The Blog. Because ya know, the blog is a good name for my blog right? I mean come on! Anyway, I just made the site so it has some bugs, but tell me what you think! Another thing, the debates:I want your pinion and your ideas for new debates. Now we don't want anything too not funny lol like the presedential or anything, but some of the stupid stuff crammed in the back (or in the front) of your mind. So come on, and comment! Click the comment button and comment! Tell me what you would like to see in coming soon! One more thing: Youtubge! WOOT! I want your request. I want to make it clear I will always watch the video beforehand. Sooo that explains it. Well, I hope you like the site, Later!